Available Puppies and dogs

These beautiful beagle puppies, purposefully bred purebred dogs are brought to you by an AKC Preservation breeder.  We are proud of the next generations of happy, healthy beagles at Windkist.

Please take a moment and read our process and the article about littermate syndrome.
A word about our process when buying a puppy
Littermate syndrome in dogs

Our puppy Questionnaire is back on for now.  If you are looking for a puppy in the next 6 months please go ahead and fill it out.  Currently we are unable to ship puppies so please wait to fill it out if you need a puppy shipped until we announce shipping is back. if you are willing to fly here to pick up a baby please fill out the Q!

A few of our 2022 spring babies (all of these puppies have homes or will stay here) We currently have no puppies for sale.  check back in the fall.


We do not export our dogs or puppies out of the USA 
with the exception of Canada or Mexico

fill out our Puppy Questionnaire for more info