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Our Process to purchase a puppy

Welcome and thanks for taking the time to read this page.  


Our process to determine what puppy goes where and to which home is a bit different than you might be expecting.  We are watching our litters for show potential and sometimes that takes up to 8-10 weeks or longer.  We might keep a few of our babies to "run on" for a while which means we need some time to make a decision.  

Puppies at one,two and three weeks old are not promised to anyone.  During this time we also do not show puppies to anyone in our home.  We feel they are just too young and we like to wait until they are up on their feet and playful. We may have photos but, we do not have potential homes choose a puppy just yet.  

Around 6 or 7 weeks we may allow a few visitors and we may allow approved homes with a deposit to choose between one or two puppies.

We like to try to match puppies to the family we feel will be best for the puppy and a good fit for the family when its possible.   


We accept deposits for puppies when they are about 1 week old.  We do not take deposits on unborn puppies.  Once we accept your deposit that secures your spot in line to get a puppy.  Most likely you will not get to choose from the entire litter.  As they get older we will let you know which puppies are available and you can choose perhaps between 1 or 2 puppies.  If you are firm on a male or a female that can make the process a little harder.  If you are choosing one sex over the other but, change your mind after I accept your deposit you will have to wait until the other deposits are filled. 

We are happy to take pictures but, we can't do it every day.  Usually we take new pictures every 2 weeks.  If we send you photos they are the newest photos we have.  Please be patient! We have babies to take care of full time!  We are happy to take video as well when puppies are a little older.

Please answer our questionnaire fully when you fill it out.  We want to know about you and what your looking for in a companion and what brought you to us and the beagle breed.

If you are in a hurry for a puppy we aren't likely the breeder for you and for those who wait and understand our process WE LOVE YOU!

Preservation Breeders are Matchmakers too! 

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