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we have bred,owned and shown

CH Windkist Pardon My French

CH Windkist Diamonds of Lanbur
CH Windkist All that Glitters

CH Windkist Lanbur Be Cool
CH K-Runs Park Me On First Avenue
CH Windkist K-Run Fizzing Whizbees
CH Windkist Little Rascal
CH Windkist K-Run Secret of My Success
CH Legacy's Li'l Secret at K-Run
CH Just-Wright Windkist Field Day
CH Windkist Olympic Gold Walk this Way
CH Windkist K-Run New York State of Mind
CH Starbuck Torbay Midnite at Windkist
CH Lanbur Windkist Rosalinda
CH K-Run Windkist Time of My Life

CH K-Run Windkist Third Times a Charm

CAN AM CH Trajam's Almost Famous

CH Windkist Hearts on Fire

CH Windkist K-Run Trademark

CH Windkist K-Run Rideoutthestorm

CH K-Run Windkist Four on the Floor

CH Windkist K-Run Outta the Park

CH Windkist K-Run St. Andrews

CH K-Run Windkist Walk'n After Midnite

CH K-Run Windkist Walk the Line

CH Windkist K-Run City of Secrets

CH K-Run Windkist Just Walk On By

CH Windkist K-Run Talk'n Back

CH Windkist K-Run Atta Boy Charlie Brown 
CH Windkist What a Surprise

CH Wilderness Flight of Fancy

CH Wilderness Happy Tails To You

CH Willwoods Inspiration

CH Windkist Branston Magnum Force

GCHB CH Windkist Hellon Wheels

CH Windkist Pieces In Place At Fernbriar

CH Windkist Queen Of Hearts

CH Windkist Show Me What You Got

GCH Windkist Soul Sister

CH Windkist The Latest From Paris

CH Windkist Walkin All Around

Am.Ch.Can.Gch Branston Windkist Masquerade

Am.Ch.Branston Windkist Without Warning

Am.Can.Ch.TraJam Almost Famous

Am.Can.GCH Windkist from Paris With Love

Am.Can.GCH Windkist Such A Sweet Thing SD-S

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