Beagle FAQ's

Do you sell pocket beagles?
Why do your beagles cost more?
Do you ship puppies?
Are beagles good with children?

How much are your puppies?

Do you sell pocket beagles?

Answer:  Pocket beagles were bred in the 1300's and 1400's and were said to be about 9" at the withers (shoulder). There is no such thing as a modern-day pocket beagle and in fact, the term "pocket beagle" has become synonymous with poor quality puppies bred for the pet market, and often sold to pet shops. Reputable (U.S.) breeders breed according to the Standard defined by the American Kennel Club, which includes two height varieties: not exceeding 13" at the withers, and not exceeding 15". The light bones, high ear sets and toyish heads that tend to go along with very small sized beagles are listed as faults. 

In addition to not breeding according to the standard, the majority of "pocket beagle" breeders inbreed to produce the smaller size or have introduced Mini Dachshunds to further reduce size.  You will see this if you see puppies listed as "pocket beagles" that are merle or blue with blue eyes. This is NOT desirable and frankly you are paying a premium price for a Mutt. These dogs may be registered with unknown registries.  They most likely will not resemble a beagle as adults.

If you still want a small beagle, then consider the option of adopting a fully grown adult from a rescue or the pound. Most beagles are fully grown by about 1-1/2 years, and breeders can usually tell by about 8 months if a beagle will remain under 13". 

Why do your beagles cost more?      

Answer: Our beagles do cost a little more in the beginning.   We are not just breeding to produce pets for the pet market but, we are breeding to improve the breed.  The cost of raising a litter has risen significantly in the last 10 years.  More genetic testing is available to us and the cost of veterinary care has also risen.  While a breeder who has 1 or 2 dogs can slide by breeding a litter and maybe make a few dollars a breeder who is committed to their breed who travels to dog shows and has a "breeding program" with many dogs spends much more getting a litter on the ground.  We do not use the stud dog next door.  many times we send our bitches across the country to a top dog who is proven to produce and is healthy.  While you can buy a beagle for much less money you will find in the long run the health problems and temperament issues you will have will cost  you thousands more than what you pay for the initial puppy from a reputable breeder. 


Dog shows are expensive and this is where we compare our dogs against other dogs to determine their quality.  Those who don't exhibit their dogs yet are still breeding are not doing their best for the breed.  Even though you don't want a show dog a puppy from a show breeder will likely be healthier, have a more rounded temperament and will have been raised with tender loving care.  Puppies from show breeders are our next generation and we know this and we stand behind them. 


Many times we might have an older puppy which we have kept to watch grow for a while.  If your budget doesn't allow for a young puppy perhaps an older puppy or adult will make a good fit.  Please let us know what you are looking for.

Do you ship puppies?

Answer:  Yes we are comfortable air shipping our puppies.  We have safely shipped puppies for the last 20 years mainly on delta airlines.  The puppies are well cared for before, during and after their flight.  We have never had a puppy lost or become traumatized by being shipped.  Remember,  Dogs are very adaptable to their surroundings.  They usually just go to sleep from the humming of the plane and once they are at their final destination they are greeted by their new family.  If you have concerns about shipping I'm happy to discuss that with you or I'd be more than happy to recommend a breeder that is located closer to you. 


Are beagles good with children? 

Answer:  Yes!  beagles make wonderful family companions and are especially tolerant of children.  Beagles are a rough and tumble type dog and are clowns at heart.  They love playing with kids and will run and play almost as long as you wish them to. 


Remember a  beagle is like adding another child so, if your children are all under 5 years of age be sure that you want another one.  Be sure your children are ready for the responsibility of a dog but, remember the parents are the ones likely to do all the work.  Be prepared for this responsibility.  We require that both parents in a household agree to having a new pet.

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