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Our retirees

Occasionally we have a retired Beagle to place into a forever home.

Our retirees are very much loved by us but, as we move forward with our breeding program and as the dogs get a little older we like to give them a chance to be that "Only" dog for someone.  Usually these dogs are our girls who have given us our next generation of puppies to show, love and carry on with to continue our beautiful Beagles.  They are not being discarded and we choose our retirement homes carefully.  Retired dogs are placed locally so that should they need to come home they can easily do that.  Our retirees are happy and content here and loved by me but, they also deserve a family of their very own without being part of a pack of dogs.


Reputable breeders don’t re-home retired breeding dogs because it’s easy. We do it in spite of how hard it is on us because it’s what’s best for them.


If you are local to Utah, Nevada, Idaho within easy driving distance and are looking for retired beagle please fill out the puppy questionnaire



There are currently no retired beagles available

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